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The new launches

The new website

After much work and consideration we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new website. Aside from easier navigation, new specimens and a ground-up rebuild, there are some additions of note:

Easy upgrades: Ever purchased a package or single weight only to realize you have to pay for the fonts all over again when upgrading to the complete family? We’ve always offered a credit for previous purchases towards upgrades but now we’ve made it easier. Users can now upgrade licenses, singles and packages online. Read more about the upgrading in our Help section.

Try fonts live with OpenType: With the widespread adoption of OpenType, understanding typographic features before buying is a must. Our new test typer has complete support for OpenType so testing fonts and their OpenType features live is now easier than ever.

Expanded PDFs: We’ve expanded all of our PDF specimens to include complete specs on character sets, OpenType features, language coverage and release information.

And there’s a lot more that’s changed. Have a look around and kick the tires. Welcome to the new website!