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Which license do I have: desktop or webfont?

Our webfont license is a newer addition; most people who have purchased our fonts in the past have the desktop license. Before the webfont license, it was the only one we offered through our website but to distinguish it from the webfont version, we’re now calling it the desktop license.

How do I know how many licenses I need?

If the fonts will be installed or available on a computer, each one needs a license. Keep in mind a computer encompasses a broad range of machines including desktop computers, laptops, web servers, network servers, mobile phones, game-playing devices, eBook readers, stand-alone kiosks, among others. Using our fonts on some devices, like eBooks, mobile phones and game-playing-devices, requires the purchase of a special license.

Who buys the fonts: the designer or the client?

Usually, it’s the designer – or studio, ad agency, etc. This is most often because the designer is the one who needs to install and use the fonts. Once the project is complete, the designer can then use them for as many other projects as they wish. If the client takes on design or production themselves, or hires an additional designer to work on a project using our fonts, each of these parties would need to purchase their own license to legally use the fonts. In summary, if the font needs to be on someone’s computer, they need a license for it.

I need to pass off a project using your fonts to an outside contractor. Can I send them the fonts?

Everyone working on the project needs to have a license to use the fonts. In most cases, the outside contractor should purchase their own license and you should never need to send them any fonts.

May I modify your fonts or hire someone to modify them?

You have the right to modify the vector outlines of a Process Type Foundry font you’ve licensed using Illustrator or another similar drawing program. However, you many not create new font files from modified Process Type Foundry vector outlines. Opening the fonts in a font editing program, making modifications and then generating font files with your modifications is expressly prohibited. If you’d like to make modifications to the fonts yourself or hire a third-party to modify them for you, you must first receive permission in writing from the Process Type Foundry.

I need one of your fonts in another format, can I convert it myself?

Format conversions are not allowed by our license. Although we deliver only OpenType fonts, we have PostScript and TrueType versions for most of our desktop typefaces available at no additional charge. Send us an email and specify which format you’d like along with your order number or other key information so we can locate your license. If you need to convert the fonts to another format not specified above, please contact us to discuss options.

May I install the fonts on my laptop and my desktop computer?

One license gives you the right to install the fonts on both your laptop and desktop computer. However, the laptop clause in our license (2c.) does not allow concurrent use and is not the same as purchasing a license for two computers. If two people will be using the fonts, one on your laptop and one on your desktop computer, you will need to purchase two licenses.

How can I use your fonts on my website?

With the desktop license, there are two basic options. First, is to create images – gifs, pngs, or jpgs – of the text you want to see in one of our typefaces. Using sIFR is the second as long as the swf file cannot be downloaded and only a restricted set of domains are allowed to access the swf file. To do this, you need to modify the before exporting the swf. If you need help with this, just get in touch. If you prefer using the CSS rule @font-face, check out our webfont license.

I’m building an app. Which license do I need?

Embedding or including our fonts in any type of software isn’t covered by the desktop or webfont license. A license extension is required. For terms and pricing, please inquire directly. If you are building a web-based app (and you are not embedding or including the fonts with the app), our webfont license may meet you needs.

Something else?

If you have a situation that is not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a different question?

Just let us know and we’ll answer any additional questions you may have.