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Special licenses.

Our desktop and webfont licenses are tailored to meet the majority of our customer’s needs, however we understand there are special-use scenarios beyond these two. The following examples are common special requests but we can generally create a license to suit your specific needs. For any special licensing usage, please contact us.

Desktop Licenses of 101 cpus or More

Quantities of up to 100 can be ordered directly on our site. For anything over 100, we can provide quotes on an individual basis.

Hardware & Software Embedding

This encompasses a broad range of licenses including mobile apps, eBooks, video games, desktop software and even elevator interfaces. Our standard special-license of this type is non-editable but an editable version is available as well.

Enterprise Licenses

An Enterprise License covers the installation of desktop fonts on an unlimited number of computers. This generally makes financial sense for companies with more than 5,000 employees who also need the fonts available on their computers.

Distribution to Outside Contractors

This license allows for the distribution of fonts to a company’s authorized outside contractors undertaking work solely for that company.

Don’t see what you need?

Requirements are unique. If yours aren’t addressed in our standard license, get in touch to discuss options.