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Do I need to purchase a webfont license to use your typefaces in web projects?

Not necessarily. Our webfont license is specifically for using our fonts with the CSS rule @font-face. Webfonts are formatted differently than traditional fonts (we call them desktop fonts, now) and cannot be installed then used in design, layout, illustration, word-processing or any other programs on your computer. Unless your web project is using @font-face, our desktop license is probably a better fit for your project (see the Desktop FAQ web usage section for more information).

Can I use your typefaces with @font-face?

Yes! A webfont license can be purchased for most of our fonts. For a one-time fee, you’ll receive three web-specific formats – WOFF2, WOFF and EOT – that can be hosted on your own server. If you prefer the ease of using a webfont service, the purchased fonts can be hosted and served by Typekit, too. If you already have a Typekit account, the fonts are added to your existing plan at no additional charge. New Typekit users can host the fonts with any of their plans, including their free Trial plan. To start using our fonts with @font-face, the first step is to purchase a webfont license available exclusively on our website. You can find more general information about our webfonts scheme in our help section.

Can I serve OTFs, TTFs or another format that isn’t WOFF2, WOFF or EOT?

Our webfont license doesn’t allow any other font format to be served besides the WOFFs and EOTs provided by us. Font replacement techniques such as Cufon or typeface.js are also not allowed by either our desktop or webfont license.

If I host the fonts myself, do I have to protect them in any way?

Yes, there are two minimum requirements stated in the license:
1. Prevent unlicensed third-party access, ie. hotlinking
2. Disallow direct download of the webfonts (unrelated to the @font-face process of styling text)

There are multiple ways to achieve these requirements and implementation is up to you. If you prefer not to implement these requirements, we suggest using Typekit to host the fonts.

If the fonts are licensed based on average monthly pageviews, how do I know how many pageviews I have?

Many web hosts offer software pre-installed that tracks your website’s pageviews like AWStats, Webalizer or Logaholic. Each one terms pageviews slightly differently but most refer to them as Pages or Pageviews. Visits, Pages per Visit (Pages P/V) or Unique Visitors are different from pageviews and should not be used.

How many domain names can use the fonts?

The license stipulates that your pageview amount applies to one domain name. But, the domain can have multiple top-level domains and subdomains so long as there is only one second-level or main domain (see examples below). Regardless of the possible variation of the domain names, their content must be under your control and all owned by you.

Examples of multiple top-level domains:,,,,

Examples of multiple subdomains:,,,

Example of one unique second-level domain:,,,,,

What if I change my domain name after I order the fonts?

Write us a quick email and tell us your new domain name. Make sure to include an order number or other identifying information so we can find your order and update the domain. Let us know about the new domain name within thirty days of changing it and delete the webfonts off the old domain as soon as they are live on the new. Although you may transfer the licensed domain, you may not transfer the license to another person or entity. The new domain should still be owned by you and the content under your control.

I need more than 10 million pageviews, now what?

We can quote any project on a case-by-case basis. Contact us with any license needs beyond what we offer on our website.

I’m building an app. Which license do I need?

Embedding or including our fonts in any type of software isn’t covered by the desktop or webfont license. A license extension is required. For terms and pricing, please inquire directly. If you are building a web-based app (and you aren’t embedding or including the fonts with the app), our webfont license may meet you needs.

If the webfont license covers web-based apps, what is a web-based app?

Firstly, a web-based app doesn’t embed or include the font files in the app itself; they are not a part of the final build. Instead, the fonts are called via @font-face and wouldn’t display unless the user was connected to the Internet. Likewise, the content’s origin is a web page that is either viewed from within a native app (via UIWebView in iOS or WebView in Android, for example) or that operates as an app though not native. A web-based app is also restricted to hand-held devices running mobile operating systems. It should be noted that all webfont license restrictions, like the ability to serve only WOFF and EOT font files, are still applicable.

Something else?

If you have a situation that is not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a different question?

Just let us know and we’ll answer any additional questions you may have.