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We still remember our very first customer and sale – it was Kettler, purchased by a man in Germany. It was the summer of 2002 and the foundry just opened with four fonts on offer. It was our only sale that month but it was exciting nonetheless.

Back then, we weren’t quite a ‘we’ but more of an ‘I’. Eric Olson started the foundry after working as a graphic designer and finding he was more interested in designing typefaces than anything else. When the foundry opened, there was no business plan; in fact, there was no plan at all. Eric was motivated by a simple idea: to make typefaces he wanted to use hoping others would too.

Although the scope and scale of the work we do has grown in the years since, that idea is still the basis of our type designs today. ‘Useful’ is a compliment in our world and designers around the globe have put our typefaces to good use in everything from corporate identities, magazines and station identifiers to exhibition graphics and personal websites.

Our work includes the publicly available typefaces shown on our website to custom fonts for clients ranging from Chevrolet to the Walker Art Center. We've been featured in Eye, PRINT, étapes, HOW, Metropolis, and STEP magazines as well as the book Lettering and Type.


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