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Scandia font specimen
Scandia font specimen
Scandia font specimen
Scandia font specimen
Scandia font specimen

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Scandia: A full-bodied sans serif

Swapping angularity for lush curves, Scandia picks up where Scandia Line leaves off. If its sibling is the skeleton, then Scandia is the flesh. With a nod to the classic geometric sans serifs of the 20th-century, Scandia builds a steady rhythm across its four weights and matching italics to create a versatile family of fonts.

Scandia's circular nature

While developing Scandia, care was given to avoid simply wrapping curves around Scandia Line’s primitive forms. Instead, it was used as a proportional guide before imagining curves and a different weight structure for what would become Scandia. The result is a functional and supportive sans that works equally well in a range of design environments: from image-heavy layouts to minimal, type-only treatments.

Scandia Stencil

To complement the four primary styles, a stenciled variant modeled on the Bold weight has been added to the family. As you might expect, it’s especially well-suited for display settings and identity work.

Alternate OpenType characters

Scandia also includes a handful of alternate characters that can be found as an OpenType Stylistic Set. The sharp terminations of the A, M, N, V and W, as well as the lowercase v and w, add an extra pointy touch.

Scandia Line and Scandia compared

If you hadn’t guessed by now, Scandia Line was designed first and served as the inspiration for Scandia. They’re undeniably related but so distinct in both tone and page color that they were issued as separate font families. For those wishing to have both, they can be purchased together in a discounted Combo Pack.

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2015
Weights & Styles
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Extended Latin
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Combo Pack Discount

Don’t miss Scandia Line, Scandia’s angular companion. You can buy the two families together in a Combo Pack and save money!