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Maple font specimen
Maple font specimen
Maple font specimen
Maple font specimen

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Maple is the offspring of Process Grotesque – our retired interpretation of the Stephenson Blake grotesques, originally released in 2002. Although the original was a well-intentioned effort, its uneasy lowercase and adherence to a model left it wooden and unsure. It was summarily shown the door in 2003.

Locator Display vs. Locator

But... absence makes the heart grow fonder. The original attempt was ‘revived’ in the spring of 2004 and the Stephenson Blake model was put aside to make room for a freer interpretation of the grotesque genre. Unlike linear, neutral or geometric sans serifs, grotesques live happily untethered from any necessity to resolve in a consistent fashion. As a result, their page color isn’t derived from of an equal distribution of terminations, details or weights but rather is the result of a rejection of such conventions. As sans serifs go, they’re free agents – and for designers, they come loaded with typographic opportunity.

Maple ab3

It’s in this vein that Maple finds character. Exaggerated lowercase incisions, irregular stroke terminations, and an overflowing black weight join forces to make this flamboyant grotesque sing. The regular and medium weights remain toothy at text sizes while the bold and black weights boost headlines, making this family a versatile choice for demanding typographic jobs.

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2005
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Super Fat

Alone at the top of weight scale sits Maple Black - certifiably the heaviest offering in our library.