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Scandia Line font specimen
Scandia Line font specimen
Scandia Line font specimen
Scandia Line font specimen
Scandia Line font specimen

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Scandia Line: A reduced sans serif, sans the curves

Made from the most basic of ingredients, Scandia Line is a family of sans serifs in four skeletal weights and a stencil variant. As its name implies, the typeface was drawn without curves and therefore uses only lines and angled segments to suggest familiar circular proportions. Taking inspiration from some unlikely bedfellows – like Grecian-style wood types and the crude algorithmic letterforms of early computers – Scandia Line is more than a type designer’s experiment. It’s a thoroughly usable typeface that is at once delicate and severe.

Scandia Line has 10- and 14-sided shapes

To preserve clarity and maintain power, the shapes of Scandia Line are reduced in complexity as the weight range increases. As shown above, Light and Regular are composed of fourteen sides while Medium and Bold are composed of only ten sides. Take a closer look at the typeface and you’ll notice Scandia Line isn’t the result of computation or modularity. On the contrary, it was carefully drawn to control contrast and deny monotony, just as you would with a design composed of curves.

Scandia Line Stencil

To complement the four primary styles, a stenciled variant modeled on the Bold weight has been added to the family. As you might expect, it’s especially well-suited for display settings and identity work.

Alternate OpenType characters

Scandia Line also includes a handful of alternate characters that can be found as an OpenType Stylistic Set. The sharp terminations of the A, M, N, V and W, as well as the lowercase v and w, add an extra pointy touch.

Scandia Line and Scandia compared

At first blush it may seem that Scandia Line was drawn after its sibling, Scandia. In fact, just the opposite is true; Scandia Line came first and served as the inspiration for Scandia. They’re undeniably related but so distinct in both tone and page color that they were issued as separate font families. For those wishing to have both, they can be purchased together in a discounted Combo Pack.

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2015
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Extended Latin
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Combo Pack Discount

Don’t miss Scandia, Scandia Line’s elegant companion. You can buy the two families together in a Combo Pack and save money!