About us

A small family business of type makers.

Established in 2002, the Process Type Foundry is a partnership between type designers Nicole Dotin and founder Eric Olson. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota we publish original typefaces for retail sale as well as creating custom fonts for clients of all sizes.

Eric Olson

Partner and typeface designer

Eric Olson is a typeface designer and founder of the Process Type Foundry. Inspired by the underground punk rock scene of the ’90s and the DIY spirit of magazines like Emigre, he began designing typefaces for his own use and later launched the foundry in 2002. The studio has since become known for dependable and hard-working typefaces like Klavika, Colfax and Maple. In addition to retail offerings, Eric has designed custom fonts for the New York Times and Thomson Reuters, among others.

Nicole Dotin

Partner and typeface designer

Nicole Dotin is a typeface designer and partner at Process. She holds an MFA in visual studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and an MA in typeface design from the University of Reading. As a generalist, she finds joy in a multitude of tasks from bezier wrangling to managing client relations to problem solving font issues. In 2020, she launched Practica Program with Berlin-based type designer Sol Matas, to teach a new generation of type designers the craft.

Alice Savoie

Typeface designer

Alice is an independent researcher, as well as a typeface designer and lecturer. She holds an MA and a PhD from the University of Reading. Her research focuses on type design and production in the twentieth century, with a particular focus on phototypesetting. As a practicing type designer she has collaborated with international foundries (Monotype, Tiro Typeworks, Frere-Jones Type, etc.) and her recent type design work includes Faune, a typeface family for the French Centre National des Arts Plastiques. She teaches at ANRT Nancy and ENSBA Lyon (France).

Site credits

This site was designed by Nicole Dotin, Eric Olson, André Mora, and Telegraph. The core functionality, the back end code that makes the heart beat and the shopping cart tick, was crafted by Mark Fox. The front end was written by Telegraph and Nicole Dotin with initial assistance from Robin Mientjes. Quinn Keaveney, aka Quite Type, developed the typeface tester. Charlie provided moral support until he couldn’t any longer. Rest in peace, little buddy.