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Upgrade overview

Our upgrade program allows you to buy parts of a complete family and then later purchase more without paying again for what you’ve already purchased. For example, purchase a single font – Maple Black – and when you return to buy the family we’ll credit the amount you paid for Maple Black to the family’s purchase price. So instead of paying $179 for Maple Complete Family, you’d pay $140 — a credit of $39 for the previous single font purchase is applied.

It’s also possible to upgrade quantities — adding more computers to a desktop license or more pageviews to a webfont license.

There are numerous upgrade possibilities:

  • Singles to Packs, Complete Families or Super Families
  • Packs to Complete Families or Super Families
  • Complete Families to Super Families
  • Basic character sets to Pro or full sets
  • Adding extra cpus or more pageviews
  • Combinations of all the above!

This program is only available to customers who purchased fonts directly from the Process Type Foundry.

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