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How can I use your webfonts with Typekit/Adobe Fonts?

Note: The name of this service has changed slightly since it was first on offered. However, we’ll still use ‘Typekit’ to refer to Adobe Font’s webfont hosting service for the sake of clarity.

After purchasing a webfont license available exclusively on our site, you’ll receive WOFFs, WOFF2s and EOTs you can host yourself along with a link to send your fonts to Typekit. This link is available immediately after purchase on the order confirmation page or in your account.

To send the fonts to Typekit, find the link and click it — it’ll say ‘Use Typekit’. You’ll be sent to the Adobe/Typekit website to log in to your desired Adobe account or create a new one. Once you’ve logged in and activated the fonts, they will be available under ‘Purchased’ fonts in Typekit. Keep in mind the link to activate the fonts can only be used once.

The fonts are added to Typekit at no additional charge and a paid account at Adobe is not required.

All of our webfonts come with the option of using Typekit with the exception of Indivisible.

For further information on how to use Typekit, go to the source: https://fonts.adobe.com/typekit.

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