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Locator Display font specimen
Locator Display font specimen
Locator Display font specimen
Locator Display font specimen

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Locator Display

Picking up where Locator left off, Locator Display is a family whose name tells all: these are fonts for larger sizes. During the development of Locator it became obvious the sketches leftover from editing were something of a typeface in their own right, so the these were developed to cover ground that Locator couldn’t. The result is a family of six capital fonts that function on their own as contemporary display fonts or as rich headline companions to the standard Locator.

Locator Display vs. Locator

Since Locator Display was developed from sketches of Locator, a core set of structural DNA is shared between the two families. As a result, the stroke weight and cap height between the six weights of Locator and Locator Display are identical, allowing for easy font pairing between families.

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2003
Weights & Styles
Language Coverage
Latin 1
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Headlines are the name of the game with Locator Display so keep in mind this is a caps only font.