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Klavika Display font specimen
Klavika Display font specimen
Klavika Display font specimen
Klavika Display font specimen
Klavika Display font specimen

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Klavika Display: The oversized headline companion to the Klavika series

From extra stuffed to skeletal thin, Klavika Display is a collection of fonts for large sizes and an even larger impact. Available in four weights and two widths, the family is an addition to the Klavika and Klavika Condensed families but works equally well alone as a boastful display font.

Klavika Display vs. Klavika

Conceived as logical extensions to either end of the Klavika series, the weights of Klavika Display are bookended by our two favorite typographical extremes – Thin and Ultra Black. Drawn independently of one another, they are exaggerated caricatures of the original series and shine brightest at large sizes. When set as headlines, their tighter spacing will ensure they lock up and remain cohesive without appearing overcrowded.

Klavika Display OpenType features

While the Thin and Ultra Black weights are all pomp and circumstance, the intermediates have a wider range of possible use. The Extra Light and Black were designed to support the weight range of the original series and remain suitable for both light text and display work.

Klavika Display OpenType features

Wait, how extreme are the extremes? To give you an idea, the Thin Condensed weight has a stroke of only 9 units – nearly paper thin – while the Ultra Black has a stroke of 240! At those sizes, whether the fonts are presented on screen or paper, typographic care should be exercised when choosing sizes so the thinnest fonts don’t crumble and the blackest don’t gum up. On
the web, this is especially true since certain browser and operating system combinations (you know the ones) result in rendering environments that compound the issue. In the end, take care, think big, and if you plan to target browsers that don’t use sub-pixel antialiasing, think really big.

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2012
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Extended Latin
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