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Bryant font specimen
Bryant font specimen
Bryant font specimen
Bryant font specimen
Bryant font specimen
Bryant font specimen

Bryant 2

Long since replaced by computers, the popular Wrico mechanical lettering kits used by draftsmen and amateur sign makers in the 60s and 70s served as the inspiration for the Bryant family of typefaces. Well-suited for a range of tasks, the Bryant fonts are a warm and modern take on the geometric sans serif. Since its original release in 2002, Bryant has been updated and expanded to include Extended Latin support as well as a Pro version with Small Caps, multiple numeral styles, and italics.

A note about the naming and versions of Bryant
Bryant was initially relased in 2002, then later revised and named Bryant 2 in 2005. In the font menu, however, it has always been called just ‘Bryant’ and never ‘Bryant 2’. If you're wondering what verion you have, it’s probably Bryant 2 since the original was only licensed for 3 years. If you want to make certain of your version, contact us for help.

At the same time that Bryant was revised to Bryant 2, ‘Bryant Pro’ was released. In hindsight, Bryant Pro should have been named Bryant 2 Pro. Bottom line, Bryant Pro is the same as Bryant 2 Pro. We know, it’s all kind of a mess!

Designer: Eric Olson
Released: 2002
Revised: 2005
Weights & Styles
12 fonts Bryant 2 Pro family
12 fonts Bryant 2 family
Language Coverage
Extended Latin
Format Options
PDF: Bryant 2
PDF: Bryant 2 Pro
PDF: Bryant 2 vs. Pro
Webfonts: Bryant 2
Desktop License Agreement
Webfont License Agreement
Trial Fonts
Test and rent Bryant 2 Pro with Fontstand, a Mac app.
Like the original, only better

Originally released in 2002, we have since re-drawn and expanded the Bryant series for wider use.

Upgrade your Bryant

The purchase price of any single or pack can be credited towards the complete family when you're ready to upgrade.