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What’s up with OpenType features on the web?

Using OpenType features on the web has come a long way since we first offered webfonts. What’s possible today, however, is still dependent on each browser. Some features that work in Firefox, for example, may not display in Safari. If you purchase webfonts with OpenType features (like small caps or number styles beyond the default), know that they are accessed on the web by their OpenType features. While browser support is getting better, it is not widespread so it would be a good idea to have a plan for what happens if an OpenType feature you want to use isn’t supported in all browsers.

How do you know what features are in the fonts? The Quick Start guide, included with all of our webfonts, lists out each OpenType feature available in the font. To see what OpenType features a font has, you can also visit the font’s Specs page.

For help coding the features, check out Adobe’s fairly exhaustive
Syntax for OpenType features in CSS guide.

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