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Do I need desktop, web, or mobile app license?

In short, if you’re going to:

  • install the fonts on a computer, you need desktop fonts
  • use the fonts for live, selectable text on a website, you need webfonts
  • embed the fonts in mobile software, you need mobile app fonts

Desktop fonts are the most common purchase and are the all-around multi-purpose font. They’re OpenType files that can be installed on a Mac or PC. Use them to create brochures, flyers, logos, website mock-ups, signage, and a host of other materials.

Webfonts are used exclusively on the web, served to a website for the live, selectable text on your site. They’re WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT files that are implemented with the CSS @font-face rule, or via Typekit. Webfonts cannot be installed on your computer.

Mobile app
A mobile app license allows you to embed or include the font files in mobile software, something the desktop license doesn’t allow. If you are building a web-based app (and you are not embedding or including the font files in the app), our webfont license may meet your needs.

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