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Full vs. Basic fonts

Some of our fonts were designed with special features like small caps or multiple numeral styles. But, not every project makes use of them which is where Full and Basic come into play.

The Full versions of our fonts contain all their special features, where the Basic versions have either none or very few. Otherwise the fonts are the same — same design, same language coverage. Because the Basic versions are missing the full set of features, they are lower priced.

Every font family has their own set of special features and no two are exactly alike. Browse the PDFs below that highlight the difference between the Full and Basic (or, in the case of Bryant, Standard vs. Pro) and the feature sets of the fonts.

Side note: If you’ve purchased fonts from us before, the Full is never noted as such on the file or in the font menu (or in the shopping cart, or invoice, or order history, etc). It’s just the font’s family name. For example, Elena with all its features is just Elena. The stripped down version is noted, however, and in our example that’s Elena Basic.

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