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How do I upgrade to a larger pack or complete family?

Whether you purchased a single and want to upgrade to the full family, or bought a pack and now want the whole family, you can upgrade online without paying twice for the fonts already purchased. Here’s how:

Step One
Sign in to the account used for your initial purchase.

Step Two
Click the ‘Purchase Options’ link on the page for the font you’ve already licensed. Here you’ll see all your options for upgrading. For example, if you previously purchased Klavika Bold, the prices for Klavika Pack 2, Klavika Super Pack, and Klavika Complete Family will be discounted because they all contain Klavika Bold. Discounted prices for increasing quantites will also display here.

Step Three
Choose the new font package and quantity.

Step Four
‘Add’ the new font package to your cart and checkout. That’s it — it’s pretty easy!

Note: By upgrading to a new font package, the previously purchased license used for the discount is no longer valid. Once a discount is given from a previous purchase towards a new purchase, it cannot be used again. If the new purchase is part of a larger package, it can be used for a discount in the future, however.

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