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I need to add more computers or increase pageviews

Adding computers or pageviews to a previous order is easy and can be done online. (For licenses with quantities that exceed 500 cpus or 10 million pageviews, contact us directly for a quote.) Here’s how to do it:

Step One
Login to the account used for your initial purchase.

Step Two

Click the ‘Purchase Options’ link on the page for the font requiring more licenses. Here you’ll see prices for increasing the amount of licenses from the initial purchase. The prices shown are the normal price (crossed out) and the reduced price you’ll pay at checkout. This page will also display discounted pricing for upgrading font packages, too.

Step Three
Choose the amount of licenses to add to your initial purchase and the price will change accordingly. For example, if you already have one license and need two more (to make a total of three licenses), add two to your cart. Or, choose the new number of pageviews that matches your average monthly traffic.

Step Four
‘Add’ the new licenses to your cart and checkout. That’s it!

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