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The first Minnesota State Fair was in 1859, and since then (with just five exceptions due to wars and polio outbreaks), it has been held every year at the summer’s close. Facing this bittersweet farewell, Minnesotans choose to go out with a bang, bringing together a sensory-bombarding celebration of food, fun, agriculture, industry, art, music, history and overall indulgence.

We three at Process Type Foundry packed up and hit the fairgrounds with cameras in hand to capture the explosion of type and lettering (both terrific and terrible) to be found.

From practical tags and signs showcasing Minnesota’s best crops, to the showy stands of the food vendors, the hand-lettered ephemera in the Fair’s historic Heritage Square and the glittering gaudiness of the Midway, we certainly weren’t disappointed.


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Adhesive Helvetica

Hidden within a large collection of rub down and transfer type we acquired last fall was this set of adhesive Helvetica caps and matching Samsonite logos. The stuffy palette says 1984 (as does the fine print on the bottom) but we can only guess at their use. We assume the letters’ original owner, an interior designer by trade, first personalized her luggage (her initials were VR) and then… well we’re not sure. The destination of S & O will have to remain a mystery.

Elephants never forget

When buying used books, sometimes a glimpse of the previous owner comes with them. Inside our copy of “Lettering Poster Design For Pen And Brush” by Ross F. George, copyright 1941, is a very lightly used lettering practice sheet.

Wick logo variations

On the opposite side of same sheet are several variations on the wordmark “Wick”. The previous owner’s last name?