In the realm of the command line, where black and white and monospaced fonts reign, the software company Charm is breathing new life into the terminal. Their mission is to make the command line glamorous and if their website is any testament to what they can bring to your CLI, they are succeeding.

Christian Rocha is the designer behind Charm’s website and uses Anchor as the primary display face. It is whimsical without being silly, and plump enough to support subtle gradients laid on top. Anchor also makes a home for those hypnotic animations of … glowing? chroming? disco? Whatever it is, it’s fantastic.

Forever Friends is a volunteer-run organization in Australia that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes animals in need. Susu Studio completely re-imagined their identity and choose Anchor as the organization’s primary typeface. Photography by Sebastian Avila.

Pasted is a collage app, from James Mercer of The Shins and Zeke Howard and Ben Fogarty of The Brigade, a design studio in Portland. It’s an inventive tool that lets you mask photos, add filters, and layer graphics to make artwork. After creating their logo with Scandia Stencil, they expanded the concept into a full alphabet pack, so you can paste the two-tone letters into your collage and they’ll react to the filters. It’s always fun to see our fonts used in creative ways — if you’re ever interested in licensing for a mobile app, just get in touch.

“Stencil fonts feel like they have a unique place in collage art. As a result, Scandia really felt right. It’s almost like some of the geometric stickers were used to assemble the logo.”—Ben Fogarty