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New Release: Elena

Elena specimen

We’re pleased to announce the long-awaited release of Elena from type designer and Process Type Foundry partner Nicole Dotin. Designed specifically for text and extended reading, Elena is a contemporary text face well suited for magazines, books and editorial design. Pairing the inspiration of the broad-nibbed pen with a desire for a modern page color, Elena is a face of economical proportions, moderate x-height and spare details.

Available in Regular and Bold with accompanying Italics, each style of Elena is replete with the necessary features one would expect for proper text work like small caps, case sensitive forms and a diverse range of numeral styles including those specifically for small caps. Basic versions start at $39 and full versions at $75.


New Release: Capucine

More than four years in the making, we’re proud to finally announce the release of Capucine, a new family of types designed by Alice Savoie. With influences ranging from calligraphy to Art Nouveau to brush scripts, this five-weight family offers – to put it in a single phrase – joie de vivre. See more of Capucine and learn all the details about our latest release.


New Release: Anchor

Anchor is our new four-weight family of round display gothics designed for maneuvering in especially cramped quarters. With weights ranging from Medium to Black, Anchor promises plump over-indulgence in the heavy weights and relatively sober display capabilities in the lighter weights. Of note are Anchor’s inflated arrows that can be seen throughout the specimens on this site. Available exclusively at the Process Type Foundry.

See the Anchor typeface family and learn all the details about our latest release.


The new launches

The new website

After much work and consideration we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new website. Aside from easier navigation, new specimens and a ground-up rebuild, there are some additions of note:

Easy upgrades: Ever purchased a package or single weight only to realize you have to pay for the fonts all over again when upgrading to the complete family? We’ve always offered a credit for previous purchases towards upgrades but now we’ve made it easier. Users can now upgrade licenses, singles and packages online. Read more about the upgrading in our Help section.

Try fonts live with OpenType: With the widespread adoption of OpenType, understanding typographic features before buying is a must. Our new test typer has complete support for OpenType so testing fonts and their OpenType features live is now easier than ever.

Expanded PDFs: We’ve expanded all of our PDF specimens to include complete specs on character sets, OpenType features, language coverage and release information.

And there’s a lot more that’s changed. Have a look around and kick the tires. Welcome to the new website!


New Release: Klavika Condensed

The typeface Klavika Condensed

Our Klavika series has just been expanded to make room for a new Condensed width. Have a look at the complete specs or download the PDF.